Restaurant Appraisal and Expert Witness Testimony

Ira Spilky’s 25 years of restaurant management, research and real estate brokerage experience have given him the expertise to provide reliable and precise restaurant appraisal/valuation and expert witness testimony.

The appraisal of a restaurant business, whether sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation, frequently becomes a very complex analysis, requiring value considerations, both present and future, that are quite different from those of other business entities. Ira Spilky is experienced and expert in the examination and appraisal of restaurant real estate and facilities. He possesses an in-depth knowledge of the business considerations and economic trends that can lead to an increase or decrease in a restaurant’s value over time. He offers accurate, insightful research, appraisal and testimony, backed by rock-solid, well-earned, industry credibility.

In the past, attorneys representing restaurant clients have had to rely on accountants, real estate appraisers or court appointed appraisers, professionals lacking in specific restaurant industry expertise. Ira Spilky offers appraisal and testimony that incorporate a decades-long focus on the specific nuances of the restaurant industry.

Ira Spilky & Associates expert appraisal of value, and resulting opinions and conclusions, provide authoritative support and guidance, based on sound research and analysis, in the following areas:

Personal Resolution Bankruptcy —Chapter 7, 11, 13 Divorce settlements Estates or probates Liquidation matters Corporate Issues Partnership creation & dissolution Buy-sell agreements Joint venture plans Growth/expansion alternatives Lease/purchase decisions      Business Validation Market valuation support—hard and soft assets Financing and re-financing Sale-merger acquisition Insurance Alcoholic beverage control requirements

Please contact Ira Spilky for more details about the restaurant appraisal and expert witness services provided by Ira Spilky & Associates.