Leasehold/Development Opportunities for Landlords and Developers

Finding qualified tenants and buyers for landlords, developers and business owners

Ira Spilky is expert at helping landlords and developers find ideal, qualified tenants and buyers for their restaurant/entertainment venue properties and businesses. He has developed profitable business arrangements for many of the largest and most successful realty and development companies on the West Coast.

Ira Spilky & Associates focuses only on the restaurant/entertainment venue real estate industry. Over his 25-year career, this focus has allowed Ira to develop a detailed, comprehensive knowledge of his field, and an extensive list of contacts and business resources.

  • Ira performs an in-depth study of your property, business or project to ensure that he will bring you prospective tenants/buyers who are specifically suitable to your location.
  • Ira works only with tenants and buyers with proven track records. His in-depth industry experience helps him ensure that each prospective tenant/buyer he takes on has the knowledge, funding and passion for the industry they will need to succeed. In many cases, Ira helps develop the business plans of his tenant/buyer clients. He knows their requirements in detail, and can see to it that they meet yours.
  • Ira’s lease and sales negotiation skills can help ensure that your tenant or sale arrangements will be concluded, efficiently, effectively, amicably and profitably for all parties.
  • Ira’s extensive client base includes many experienced, restaurant/entertainment venue chain owners who are seeking to add locations to already profitable businesses.
  • An accomplished project coordinator, Ira can draw on his broad roster of industry contacts to enlist additional team members for your project, including researchers, contractors and lawyers—whatever it takes to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Landlords, developers and business owners in California and throughout the western United States turn to Ira Spilky & Associates to help them find qualified tenant and buyers. Ira Spilky creates Win-Win Situations by forging long-term business relationships that are profitable for all concerned.