Management Consulting Services

Through Ira Spilky and Associates, Ira offers his unsurpassed industry knowledge as a management consultant to restaurant/entertainment venue owners with businesses of all types and sizes.

During his twenty-five years in the restaurant/entertainment real estate field, Ira Spilky has developed a detailed “ground up” industry expertise. Ira has created and operated successful restaurant businesses of his own, so he knows intimately the day-to-day concerns and business requirements of restaurant/entertainment venue owners. As a broker, Ira has learned every facet of researching, planning and developing a profitable restaurant/entertainment venue business.

Working with start-ups trying to gain that initial foothold, as well as with established companies and chains seeking to expand or relocate, Ira has helped hundreds of restaurants and entertainment venues gain success at new locations and with new business and marketing plans. Some highlights:

  • Market research
    Where are the best opportunities for a restaurant/entertainment venue of your size and type? What is the demographic of the neighborhood you’ve been considering? What kind of foot traffic can you expect? What will your competition be? Ira will do the legwork and the research to answer these questions.
  • Location research
    Whether you wish to buy or to rent, Ira will help you find the best possible location for your business. Is the property the right size for your needs, and in the right condition? Will your commercial neighbors attract customers that will help your business as well?
  • Business Strategy and Brand Development
    Ira will help you create a company identity, including name, logo, menu and concept development, that will compliment your vision and resonate with your target client base.

Consulting services are offered on an hourly basis or a project fee/retainer basis, depending upon the assignment. Please contact Ira for more detailed information about consulting services and fees.