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They prove that nothing succeeds like success! Despite all the risks inherent in the restaurant business, there are a good number of established operations—independent, chain, and franchised—that are reaping significant profits thanks to two main factors: hard work and well-chosen locations. Although the menus may list anything from Mexican to Middle Eastern dishes, sushi to… Continue reading Getting into all the right places

Southern California’s Westside corridor is experiencing its biggest compression factor in years, as demand far exceeds the supply of existing prime location opportunities in high-profile and entertainment venues. The supply is so scarce, there are over double the amount of inquiries currently on the market as there are available locations. New players from throughout the… Continue reading Demand for westside restaurants doubled in 1st quarter

Develop your location/site selection criteria or model as a business plan. Complete all due diligence including current and detailed demographic reports, traffic studies, parking field plans, and tenant mix. Verify that all land entitlements, licenses and governmental permits are in place and can be acquired to open your restaurant. Meet with city planning departments to… Continue reading The Realities of Restaurant Real Estate

Expansion, growth, development, bigger, better–those continue to be common buzzwords among both chain- and independent-restaurant operators as they strive to maintain a competitive edge and expose their brands throughout their industry segments and market trade areas. To accomplish those objectives successfully–especially given the sluggish economy, the limited supply and huge demand for prime locations, and… Continue reading Real-estate 101: Operators sould set sights on locations that deliver long-term goals