Business Opportunities for Tenants and Buyers

Creating business opportunities for restaurant and entertainment venue owners/operators

Whether you are a “mom & pop” start up or an established restaurant/nightclub business wishing to move or expand, Ira Spilky can help you reach your goals. Ira is expert at finding successful and profitable business locations for full service and casual dining restaurants and contemporary nightclubs and supper clubs. Ira handles both leasehold opportunities and real estate purchases.

When you work with Ira Spilky & Associates you get the benefit of Ira’s in-depth industry expertise: over twenty-five years’ worth of experience.

Ira will find the right property for you, in a location that works perfectly for your business, with a landlord or seller who will help you meet your business and budget requirements. Ira creates profitable Win-Win Situations by bringing business owners together with landlords/sellers to form alliances where all parties succeed. In addition, Ira performs expert and effective lease and sales negotiations.

Learning your business

Before beginning his search for your business location, Ira will learn everything there is to know about your business. Ira has owned and managed restaurants himself, and he has represented restaurants and nightclub businesses of all sizes. He understands operating costs, personnel issues, traffic requirements and every other factor that can impact the success or your enterprise.

Studying your area

Ira studies the demographics and traffic flow of each potential neighborhood, and analyzes the competition you’ll be facing to help understand the market share you can expect from each location.

Finding your location

Once Ira has fully learned your business and your market, he will find a profitable site that suits your business precisely. Ira has worked with most of the largest developers, property owners and realtors in California and throughout the western United States. His database of available locations is exhaustive, and his many industry contacts ensure that he has access to every prime location available.

Following through

When you’ve found your location, Ira can work with you and the property owner or manager, negotiating an equitable lease or purchase agreement that will help all parties reach their long-term business and profit goals and establish a Win-Win relationship that can last for years to come.