If you are:

  • An established (multi-unit chain) or start-up (independent) restaurant operator
  • An established or start-up entertainment venue owner
  • The owner or developer of a restaurant/entertainment property

Ira Spilky knows your business inside and out and can help you reach your goals and maximize your profits.

Ira Spilky’s 40+ years of experience and achievement in the restaurant and real estate industries has earned him an extensive contact and client base and an intimate knowledge of economic trends and conditions. Ira’s expertise extends to markets, research methods, even neighborhoods, as well as the day-to-day operations of restaurants and entertainment venues of all kinds. With this knowledge, Ira can determine the best market plan and location for your business, or the best tenant or buyer for your property. Ira and his team don’t take shortcuts. Just lots of legwork, attention to detail, and personalized, professional service.

Ira Spilky and Associates bring tenants and property owners together to form profitable, business relationships that work. Ira Spilky creates Win-Win Situations.