Learn what Ira’s clients are saying about him.

Fred Glick of Hooters Restaurants

Restaurant Franchise Chain Owner

Ira has the largest location inventory in Southern California, and he updates it on a regular basis. His contacts in the industry enable him to bring us opportunities that put our needs first. That’s integral to helping us close a deal.

We brought Ira in to help us find a new location in Southern California. Because of his knowledge of the area, Ira was able to get us involved in a bankruptcy sale that closed in 2 months. We were open in six months, and we feel the location will be one of our chain’s top ten grossing restaurants. Ira was quick to follow up and gave us advice on where he felt the bids would come in for the property. We were prepared to go higher, but we saved tens of thousands of dollars because of Ira’s expertise in the field.

Ira is always available. We’ve spent many hours driving to new markets just to could get a feel for them. Now, when a new site comes on the market, all we have to ask is, “What side of the street is it on?”

Steven Weiss of Mel's Drive-In

Restaurant Chain Owner

Ira worked miracles for me. I had a restaurant I wanted to sell in an area that I thought would be difficult. A couple of business brokers looked at it, but Ira was the man who found me the people to buy it. He had the clients, and he put together a deal that worked both for his clients and for me. That was my first contact with Ira Spilky & Associates. Ever since then, I’ve used Ira to help me with location searches in the LA area. He worked out a great deal for a Mel’s Drive-In in Hollywood.

Ira knows the business and he gets results. If you’re looking for a location or trying to sell a restaurant, that’s what you want—results. Ira is very familiar with all the locations that are available. I think he’s the authority when you want to buy or sell a restaurant.

Doug Brown of Regent Properties, Inc.


Ira did a restaurant survey for a development project in Los Angeles. He did a great job for us, uncovering many leads for potential tenants, people we ended up signing leases with. We’ve also completed two direct brokerage deals with Ira. He was the broker on the transactions and represented the restaurants. In one important negotiation, it was Ira’s involvement that finally made the transaction succeed. He was able to completely understand the needs of both parties. This understanding led him to find creative ideas that succeeded in bridging the gap between landlord and tenant. Without a doubt, Ira made that deal a reality.

If you want someone who not only knows the restaurant business and the real estate business, but also has deep connections with restaurateurs, Ira is a terrific broker to work with. Ira performs. He’s very well connected to restaurant tenants, he understand the marketplace, and he brings great restaurants to the table.

Oliver Badgio of Mastro Restaurants

Director of Business Affairs

Ira functions as our eyes and ears, scanning opportunities as they appear on the horizon and keeping our best interests in mind. Ira searches for the perfect of locations and concepts for our four distinct restaurant brands and remains a critical part of our team through the completion of each project.

Ira never takes a short-sighted view in his lease negotiations.

He helps you structure a solid deal that will enhance both the longevity of your restaurant and your long-term relationship with your landlord. In this way and many others, Ira delivers benefits that remain long past his involvement in your business.

Ira’s customer service is unparalleled, because it is real and genuine. Ira commits himself to your project and does whatever it takes to help you succeed. The best thing about working with Ira is the sense of security he brings to the table. If an idea comes from Ira, you can rest assured that he’s thought through your best interests first. That’s just Ira. He is the best.

Bill Casey of Mulholland Drive

President and CEO

A restaurant featuring comfort food, classic cars, and music of the 50s & 60s

Ira has been involved as a consultant with the developing our initial business concept. He’s been instrumental in helping us to create the restaurant we want. What really impressed me about Ira is that he’s very well connected in the industry. He was able to introduce my company to a lot of people who are extremely influential. That’s important, because the more people we can meet in the industry, the more success we’ll have getting the most out of our business plan. We were new to the restaurant field when we started our project. Ira answered all of our questions, and he’s been extremely thorough in the research he’s done for us.