Coby Keller, Esq.: Helping a Client Get a Fair Price


Attorney Coby Keller was representing a restaurant tenant in a landlord-tenant dispute. The landlord was insisting on buying his tenant out of the property, but was not offering a price the client felt was reasonable. The attorney asked Ira Spilky to use his restaurant appraisal expertise to determine a fair market/valuation price for the business that all could agree on.

Due Diligence/Evaluation

Ira went to work studying the property, the business and the lease in detail. His analysis included the business’ history, receipts, potential for growth and many other factors, and drawing comparisons with similarly sized and located restaurants in the area. Ira gathered this information during an intensive five-month investigation, and prepared a detailed report.


With Ira’s expert and unassailable report before them, both tenant and landlord agreed upon the value for the business that Ira had set in his appraisal. A court date was avoided, and Coby Keller’s client was able to receive fair value for the buyout of his business.