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The Ira Spilky Philosophy

Creating the "Win-Win"

Ira Spilky has "accomplished it all" in the restaurant and entertainment venue real estate industry. Over his 25-year career, Ira has worked with restaurateurs, entertainment venue operators, landlords, realty companies and developers alike. Because Ira's client list and industry contacts are so extensive, he is able to create highly successful business "marriages." He brings business operators together with property owners/developers to form relationships that are mutually beneficial and profitable for years to come. That's the Ira Spilky Win-Win.

"I've always strived to exceed people's expectations," Ira says. "My clients can expect that I'll have the best product inventory, know the markets in their area and know where the best opportunities are. I'll know market value, lease rates, and know the competition, too."

The Ira Spilky Philosophy also includes understanding his clients' concerns, and bringing his comprehensive industry perspective into play to create profitable business realities.

"The best restaurant real estate broker is one who's been in the business," Ira advises, "someone who has made his or her own mistakes, has made money in the business, and lost money, too. Because I've been there, I look at my customers' money as if it were in my own wallet. I know every line item on the restaurant profit and loss sheet, so I understand that people are dealing with pennies in this business, not dollars. It's important to my clients that when they work with me, they know they're dealing with someone who's been on their side of the desk."

Experience, understanding, knowledge and integrity help Ira Spilky and Associates create Win-Win Situations, and profitable business results, for all concerned.

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